Thursday, October 25, 2012

Jasper helps shovel snow

If you have followed my blog, you have probably seen Jasper jumping for joy while chasing the snow from the snow blower. Another of his happiest moments is sitting below the deck when we shovel snow.  Julie was up above doing the shoveling and I was down with him.
I'm not sure why he likes attacking the snow, but he goes at it with great energy.
We had 6 or 8 inches from this snow, so each shovel load pushed off is substantial.
He jumps up to try and meet the snow half way, chomping as much of it as possible.
And every once in a while, the snow "wins" and kicks his butt. Thankfully he lands in the soft snow. I caught this picture just before he landed with a thud.
Yesterday was a more scenic and restful day.  We only had an inch or two and it was already melting a bit.  For that, he just wanted someone to throw his Frisbee.
As he approaches nine years old, I am still amazed at how snow is such a great motivator and energizer.  When it snows, I can't find a better word than "joyous".
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