Sunday, October 28, 2012

Halloween Party 2012

Julie and I got invited to a great Halloween party so we had to put some thought into our costumes. Julie suggested Little Red Riding Hood and the Big Bad Wolf. As you can see, she got to be the wolf.
She got her face painted by the woman who does faces at Park City's Sunday Silly Market.  She added ears, a tail, leggings, gloves and a furry little sweater. 
Of course, that left me as the frightened and vulnerable Red. It's amazing how easy it is to find a "Plus Size" costume and size 13 womens shoes out on the Internet. Most people at the party found my hairy cleavage and furry legs a bit disconcerting.
This is Diane, the party's hostess.  She is loading up on the little test tube shots she was handing out to people as they arrived. She throws a GREAT party.
Jim Covaleski was in town on his way home from Seattle.  He managed to quickly find a costume and join in the fun.
From the left, Cindy and Jim Lea and Stephen and Alison Pierce.
Don't you hate it when you show up at a party and find yourself wearing the same dress as another woman?  What are the odds of this happening?  No, it was not planned.
Julie, Jim and the Benson's (Loris as Cat Woman and Bill as Iron Man).  Bill swears the ripped look is conditioning from his mountain biking.
There was a costume contest.  Mario, who I think was the Queen of England, got first and Julie got second.
I took this shot of Julie and gave her some more aggressive wolf eyes.
Halloween is definitely one of the best holidays of the year.  Everyone gets to go a bit wild if they want to.  The most notable trend for this year was pirates, lots of pirates.  I guess this makes sense.  You can't go around dressed as a witch or a wolf any other day of the year, but a pirate?  You can always be a pirate!

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