Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Park City Halloween Dog Parade

The annual Park City Halloween Dog Parade is definitely one of my can't miss events. Unfortunately for Jasper, it is also the one time of the year we get to decorate the dog.  This year he went as a football player.
Our lovely dog walker, Julie, volunteers to tak Jasper so I can take photographs.  This becomes quite a challenge once we get into the crowd and a few people give him dog biscuits.  To Jasper, that means all people, people's hands, and pockets are potential suppliers.
These photos are in the order I ran across them.  Some are dogs and some are little kids.  Before they start the dog parade at 5:00, the kids get two hours of Trick or Treating at the stores on Main Street,

Just as a clarification, Park City's idea of a dog parade is quite humorous. There are thousands of people and hundreds of dogs on Main Street, and not the tiniest glimmer of coordination, direction, or a parade.  It is more of a poorly named block party with dogs and costumes.
We ran across our neighbor, Nurse Hannah.  She had done quite well on the candy gathering. Jasper loves Hannah, even without candy.
Hannah, with her parents Monty and Sally.  I would normally leave it to you to figure out which is which, but Monty is the one with the long hair, on the left.  Notice Sally's birthday present, a new Canon DSLR.  Someone to go shoot with!
Almost all of the kids were in costume and a lot of the adults dressed up. This was one of the numerous bizarre combinations of parent and child.
A very clever costume combining Lance Armstrong and Pinocchio.
My favorite dog costume was this incredible little ewok from Star Wars, escorted by Princess Leia.
Does he look like an ewok or what?
Our builder, Rob Schumacher and his dog Elvis.  Rob is the one in the hat.
Not sure what it was supposed to be, but this was one of the oddest looking dogs on the street.  I hope that it's normally not the color shown here, top or bottom.
The Sherlock Holmes costume was good.  I especially like it since he is almost on point.  It's almost like he is saying "the answer is over there!"
One of our April Mountain neighbors moved across town a few years ago.  She was dressed as a clown with completely matching dogs.  They looked great and the costumes were stylishly form fitting (versus Jasper's football helmet that either turned sideways or dropped down to cover his eyes).
And we end with my favorite little boy.  He was dressed as a fireman and his completely loving, tolerant dog was dressed as the fire engine.  The boy was enjoying the events, but you could tell it was complete sensory overload.  Dogs.  Costumes.  Dogs in costumes.  Thousands of people, walking every which way. If he was like every other kid, he was also on a sugar buzz.
Once again, this is in my top 5 for what makes Park City such a cool place to live.  Where else does 20-30% of a town's population come out for a dog parade?
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