Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Cambria, Part 2

We were sitting in our rented house, enjoying the sounds of the crashing waves.  Then I started hearing birds yapping and screeching. They were clearly upset with something so I went out on the balcony to see what was causing the excitement.

The instigator was a hawk, probably looking for some birds' nests containing tasty young fledglings.
The Mockingbirds would have none of it.  A pair of them would attack relentlessly. They were almost certainly a mom and dad with a close nest.  Unfortunately, the hawk viewed them as just a minor nuisance.
But then the crows got involved.  There were four or five of them and they didn't take the same "I will flutter around your head approach" of the Mockingbirds.  They would fly in different directions around the hawk and then dive bomb him one at a time. Notice the crow's size compared to the Mockingbird's.
Sure enough, off he goes, still hungry.
Not something I would have expected to see here at the beach.  Certainly not right next to our house.  Thanks hawk!

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