Monday, June 24, 2013

Supermoon goes hiding

I figured I had four chances to capture the full moon, or at least almost full: moon rise and moon set on the day of and the day after.  I really like moon set on the day after because the sun is coming up and you catch sun rise and moon set together.

The end result was Clouds - 3, Steve - 1.  One of the pissers of living in the mountains is that you get low clouds that form as the air gets forced up and over the peaks.  Most of the sky can be a gorgeous blue, but sure enough, there is a row of thick clouds that gobble up the sun and moon as they drop down.
This is yesterday's moon dropping behind Park City Mountain Resort's Crescent and King Con lifts.

Oh well, there is a full moon about once a month.  I will try again (and again, and again).
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