Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Cambria, Part 3

Yesterday brought some clear skies (finally) and I went out to do some sunset photography with my beautiful tripod-totting assistant.  She's better looking and more useful than Jasper as an assistant, but less willing to sit in the car for hours at a time while I shoot something.
I always like watching the people who get off from work and head down for some surfing in the last hours of light.  It seems more peaceful than during the day.
While waiting for the skies to get more interesting, I tried to find interesting shots with the water and the sunlight.  This rock was right at the surf line and every wave did its best to pound the rock into submission.
The next few shots are all looking at waves up the coast.  I liked how the sun was backlighting through the tops of the waves.

Finally the sun went down but without clouds in the sky, the show is brief and a little "flat".  Still beats 99.9% of what you see.
We walked back to the house and I started to take my pictures off the camera and look to see what I had.  Then I glanced out the window and noticed the color of the twilight and the bonus of the setting moon and Venus. I ran out and grabbed a few last shots.  This one became my favorite of the day.
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