Sunday, June 23, 2013

Why use Adobe's Lightroom?

I am a big proponent of Adobe's Lightroom software to import, catalog, edit, and export photos.  I copied this piece from PictureCorrect Photography Tips.  I think the final result is overdone, but it gives you a great before and after contrast.  This really can be done with Lightroom in about 2-3 minutes.

Starting with the “before” image below, Ramelli adjusted his photograph using the following Lightroom workflow:


1.       Open up shadows with the Shadows slider.
2.       Bring down highlights.
3.       Add a gradient filter to sky to lower exposure and add yellow and magenta tints.
4.       Set the white and black points (hold down option key while using the sliders).
5.       Adjust the white balance.
6.       Add vibrance and saturation to make the photo pop.
7.       Re-adjust the gradient filter in the sky for color and exposure.
8.      Add a second gradient filter at the top of the frame to add more blue and create a vignette effect.
9.       Boost the saturation using the color controls.
10.   Crop and level the image to improve the composition.
11.    Use spot healing to remove distractions.
12.    Dodge and burn specific elements with the brush tool.
13.    Use the lens correction options to remove chromatic aberration and enable profile correction.
14.    Add a post-crop vignette.
15.    Use the noise reduction tool to reduce graininess.
16.    Add sharpening and use masking to keep the sky soft.
17.    Adjust clarity.
18.   Adjust the image’s contrast.


This tutorial demonstrates what a difference a few minutes of adjustment in Lightroom can do to enhance a photograph without the use of any other post-processing software.
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