Sunday, March 16, 2014

A new dog waste program

It seems that everyone in Park City has at least one dog and with all those dogs comes a lot of dog poop.  Most people are good about picking up behind their animals, especially in public parks, but there are always exceptions. The city does things like put poop pickup bag dispensers around town so that you are never too far from a poop bag.  That doesn't always work though.

Today I was walking Jasper past City Park and I saw that someone had started a new program by spray painting on the walkway.

Clear. Concise. To the point.  I am guessing this isn't a new city-sponsored program.  It seemed to work well on horizontal surfaces, but when applied to vertical surfaces, the results weren't as good.  I think a different technique will be required.  Perhaps as simple as "don't spray so much damn paint".

Somehow I am guessing that for the people who don't care enough to pick up behind their dogs, this won't sway them.  I think it would take spraying this message on their cars or even the clothes they are wearing. Actually, I kind of like that idea.
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