Friday, March 21, 2014

Fireside Dining

Park City has a lot of good restaurants but one of the most delicious and unusual is Deer Valley's Fireside Dining. Several nights a week, they serve a three course meal up at the Empire Lodge. Because Julie is a DV employee, she gets a buy one - get one coupon at each of DV's restaurants.  Last night we did Fireside.

The first course is raclette, or as our old ski group knew it, melty cheesy. Big rounds of cheese are put near a roaring fire.  The cheese melts down onto a plate, to which you add meats, potatoes, breads and spices.  Yumm!
The next course is the entrees. Below you can see the leg of lamb roasting next to another fireplace. The also have salads, soups, fish, and my favorite a veal mushroom stew that's to die for.
I didn't take a shot of the third course, dessert.  There you gather your things to dip (strawberries, pineapple, biscotti, DV cookies, ...) and any or all of three sauces (dark chocolate, white chocolate with Gran Marnier, or carmel).

I describe this as three courses, but you can just keep looping around and when you get full, head to the restroom and purge.  It's the Roman way!

Julie and I had a wonderful dinner, didn't overeat (which is rare) and didn't have to purge.
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