Monday, March 31, 2014

Sage grousing

A few months ago, a group of people in the greater Park City metropolitan area got together and formed the Summit Photography Group. I did a first cut at their web site and ended up on the advisory board. That has given me a chance to get to know another local photographer, Michael Flaherty. He lives right next to the Swaner Nature Preserve and does a lot of great photography work with them and for them.

He had never been out to the Sage Grouse lek, so we packed up yesterday morning for a visit.  Because it was a Saturday, there were a lot of other photographers and birders there, some of which felt the need to get out of theirs cars, so the birds were further off than I would have liked.
I have talked about this several times on my blog, but a quick recap.  A grouse lek is where the males and females meet each morning during the spring to find mates.  The men do elaborate dancing and displaying in the hopes of catching a female's attention (and lust).
Sometimes I think they get a bit overeager and a little pushy.
This is one of the females leaving the area.  I just liked the snowy mountains in the background.  Tough to get them flying because it is early in the morning and the light is limited.  You can't crank up the shutter speed as much as you would like to.
Hoping to get out and take a number of photo trips with Michael.  Great guy!
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