Saturday, October 31, 2009

Halloweeen Dog Parade

We've always been back in NC for Halloween, so we've missed the annual Park City Halloween Dog Parade. This year I took Jasper down to be a part. Julie wasn't feeling well and stayed home, but I hooked up with Bill, Loris, and Hollie (the dinosaur dog) Benson.

It was a parade in a Park City sense. That means it was basically a mob the used gravity to eventually drift down Main Street. It had no start or finish. About 25% of the people were always heading the wrong direction. The dogs didn't seem to mind.

Jasper was dressed as a spider. I wasn't able to get many good pictures because I had the camera set up wrong, but with dog in one hand and camera in the other, I couldn't tell until fairly late.

I would guess there was a couple of thousand people and a few hundred dogs, most of which were dressed up. Jasper got to sniff a LOT of dog butt.

You just can't resist the little hot dogs. There was also a ketchup dog, but I couldn't catch them together.


and pumpkins...

and some potential embarrassment. You know when two women show up to a party wearing the exact same dress? I'm sure Hollie was a little ticked.

But the clear winner for pets was the guy dressed as Shrek, with his friend Donkey. It was a real donkey. Jasper was very well behaved around the dogs, but damn he sure wanted to sniff that donkey's butt.

Lots of humans were dressed up (I wasn't). My favorite was a friend of ours, Carol Lee. She gave us a look at what happens to Hooter's girls when they become Hooter's old women.

The dogs were so well behaved! With hundreds of them there, they just all seemed to get along. I only heard two barks the entire time. This will definitely be an annual event for us. Next year perhaps we will get dressed up and not just decorate the poor dog.
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