Wednesday, October 28, 2009

The three Park City monstrosities

In a few weeks we will see Deer Valley's first big hotel open. It is a St Regis and supposedly ritzy enough to eventually earn five stars. It's a big hotel, but they did a good job of hiding the bulk of it behind the hillside.

Next comes the Montage. It is being built next to the Empire Lodge at the top of Deer Valley. This is a huge place and while it is not terribly visible from Old Town, it is right in line with what were our prettiest views. It opens in December of 2010.

The big fight going on in the Planning Commission is the Treasure project. Lots of buildings, peaking at 11 stories tall. Over a quarter million square feet of underground parking. And all of this located right above historic Main Street, around the Town Lift.

Today I joined a small tour, lead by the developers, to walk the land and see what would go where. The developers got the approval for this project back in the early 80s when Park City was fairly dead. Now they want to build and very few people want to see anything built. I think it is going to add to our traffic problems and it will certainly be an eye sore. I just can't imagine why anyone thinks building lots of tall, modern looking buildings is a good thing for Park City.

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