Sunday, October 04, 2009

Scenery along my marathon trip

You can't send me somewhere as scenic as Saint George without some photography along the way.

On my trip down, I found a nice combination of steam coming off the reservoir, some low clouds, a boat on the water and snow on a hidden Mount Timpanogos.

Now how is this for a view from your picnic table?

I took these on Sunday, the day after my race, but the next few shots are scenes we got to see as we ran along. Most are from Snow Canyon, somewhere around the 15 mile mark.

I ran by here around 8:45. The soft morning light was breath taking!

This was shot from the same spot as the last picture, just turned about 75 degrees. Amazing how different the rock can be.

This is a formation very close to the highway, about a mile down.

Now I hop in the truck for my ride home. I saw this view as I zoomed down the interstate and thought it was dramatic. I pulled off on the shoulder and waited to snap shots between cars passing. I wish the mountain in the back was a bit more visible, but a storm was rolling in.

Thank God these winds weren't there on the day of the race. They were gusting at 50 mph and blowing up dust everywhere. This is looking through my windshield.

You just don't see this many places in the US. A speed limit of 80 mph. The funny thing is that they were still pulling people for speeding. You had to be doing 95+ to earn such an honor.

And as I got back closer to home, there were still some pretty leaves on the trees near the Sundance ski resort. A lot of the color at the higher elevations had been dulled by the cold and high winds.

Great trip. Takes about 4 hours to get to St George if you are hustling (speeding) and don't get snagged in traffic. It takes about 5 hours if you are just ambling along. Not a bad trip.
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