Thursday, October 01, 2009

A very different day

In one day, the temperatures dropped about 40 degrees and the snow rolled in. It was a big snow, but it sure was an abrupt change. We got about 3 inches, but a lot of it melted on the toasty ground and roads as it came down. Alta got 12" at the highest peaks.

The clouds were making some interesting patterns with the changing leaves.

A little color with the Park City ski runs in the background.

These aspens are just down the street from our house. So pretty!

Even the little guys take part. This is a sedum plant growing at the top of our retaining wall. Sedum looks a lot like little cacti. I had no idea they changed colors in the fall.

It's 23 degrees here this morning. I hope to get up to Guardsman's Pass in a bit to try and get some pictures up there. Should be gorgeous.
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