Saturday, October 31, 2009

Running? Not so much.

I finished my marathon back on Oct 3rd. I was pretty fired up about my run and even more fired up about the 15 weeks until the next marathon. That should certainly be enough to bring down my times and increase my endurance.

I had a great plan. Take a week off with some very light running. Then start cranking it back up hard. Three or four very long runs were mapped out on the calendar.

What have I done? Run 3 miles, and then 7 in my light week and then torqued my back somehow. I wasn't doing anything strenuous. It just decided to have a spiking, incapacitating pain in my lower spine when my body moved in a certain way. To prevent that movement, every muscle in my back knotted up. I was walking like I had a corn cob somewhere it didn't belong.

It took about two weeks to really get things back in some reasonable relaxed, pain-free shape. Then the temperatures outside were in the teens each morning, with snow. Talk about a complete void of motivation. I finally got out for a short run today.

In case you are wondering, taking three weeks off from running does not do much to get you into better condition. Of course, as I type this I am drinking a lovely Pumpkin Ale from the Wasatch Brewery.

Off to the Halloween parade!
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