Sunday, January 01, 2012

The end of 2011

The last day or two of 2011 were interesting for me.  The good news is that I got to spend time with friends and thanks to a call from Loris Benson, got to see this sunset from our deck.
Funny how things like this can be going on outside your window and if you aren't watching, they can easily be missed.

The bad part of the last few days must be tied to me hitting 50, and apparently instantly falling apart.  Somewhere between a minor head cold, lots of talking on the phone and at parties, and several big, heavy, late meals, I ended up with full blown laryngitis. It seems to have been caused by a bad attack of acid reflux, which I have occasionally.  Yesterday I was only capable of a mouse whisper.  Today I can talk a bit, but I am trying to keep my mouth shut so my voice box can heal. 

I guess the alternative is someone made and got their wish:  that I would shut up for a while.   Julie?
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