Saturday, January 28, 2012

Provo River in Midway

We have friends rolling into town and I know I will do a lot of skiing with them, so I decided to get out for one more day of photography.   Heber City and Midway are two little towns about 20 miles from Park City.  The Provo River runs right through both of them.

I wanted to go find two things that I knew were along the Provo: bald eagles and river otters.  The eagles have been hanging out as regulars, but the river otters were reintroduced a little more than a year ago.

The day went as expected.  I never saw either one.  Just the same, you can always find something interesting.  Today's prize was the hoar frost that was coating every bush tree and blade of grass.
Every plant becomes a piece of art.
This is just one little branch on a small tree. The crystaline structure is beautiful.
and another...
There were several fly fishermen out in the frigid water.  Are they trying to catch frozen fish?
I was talking to one guy about my search for river otters.  He said I would have to be really lucky because they are primarily nocturnal.  I figured I could trust this guy since he was an experienced, licensed trapper.  This was a beaver he had caught last night.  He also had four muskrats.  If you haven't seen a muskrat, the key is "rat".
It was interesting to see these four mounds of snow floating down the river.  Where did they come from?
Hey! Those snow mounds are actually swans. Pretty good disguise.
They did have another headless disguise they used.  I think these look more like glaciers.
Just a quick trip, but an interesting one. 

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