Thursday, January 05, 2012

A good football bowl season?

I am torn.  Normally in our household, four things have to happen for a "perfect" football weekend.
  1. NC State wins
  2. Michigan wins
  3. UNC loses
  4. Notre Dame loses
This year all four of those happened in the bowls, so I should be elated.  However, my warm and fuzzy is to pull for all the ACC teams (except UNC of course).  This year the ACC was horrible in bowl play.
  • NC State won
  • Florida State came from behind to beat Notre Dame
  • UNC got hammered
  • Wake Forest lost
  • Georgia Tech lost in OT
  • Virginia got pounded
  • Virginia Tech lost in OT  (to Michigan)
  • Clemson, the ACC champs, looked like a girls field hockey team against West Virginia. 

NC State went 8-5, which is OK but not great.  But now it looks like those conference wins were less meaningful.  The first year we get two teams into the BCS bowls may well be the last for a long time to come.

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