Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Utah Legistlature

Our Leadership Park City group got to make a trip to the big city (Salt Lake) and visit with the state and city government.  It was educational and interesting.

This is our group in the Gold Room of the capital, which is normally used for special events, like meeting with VIPs or signing special bills.  In the center of the group is Lt Governor Greg Bell.  I'm peeking over his shoulder.
Folks we met with include:
  • Salt Lake City Mayor Ralph Becker
  • Lt Governor Greg Bell
  • Chief Deputy Attorney General John Swallow
  • Ex-US Senator Jake Garn (first senator in to visit space)
  • State Senator Kevin Van Tassel
  • State Representatives Mel Brown, Joel Briscoe, and Kraig Powell
  • Salt Lake City Councilman Randy Horiuchi
  • Park City lobbyist Des Barker
  • Park City Asst Manager Diane Foster
It was amazing that these people spent so much time with us, given that it was the first day that the legislature was back in session.  In Utah, the house and senate are part time.  They do a single 45-day session, at which point everything, including a balanced budget (per our constitution) must be completed.

The main points of interest with everyone were:
  • What important things are you working on now?
  • What's most important for Park City and Summit County?
  • What drove you to politics?  What is your motivation?
I won't go into all the details, but it was a wonderful opportunity.
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