Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Wait for it....

I went over to Deer Valley for a few hours of skiing this morning.  Some people complain about skiing in flat light because you can't tell where the bumps and drops are.  I would have been quite happy with flat light.  I just wanted to make sure I didn't run into a tree or lift tower.
They promised that it was supposed to clear up, and sure enough it did.  You can still see lots of clouds down at the lower levels, but it top it was gorgeous.
I try to stay out of the trees when I am skiing alone, but I found a physician to ski with for a run and we ducked in.  With the 5" of last nights snow, everything off the groomed runs was wonderful!
And you really had to look around to appreciate it all.  The tops of the tall aspens were glazed with frost,   beautiful against the suddenly clear blue sky.
And this pine really got nailed.  I have to guess that some of this was from snowmaking, but I'm not sure. 

Even with the big storm, we are still way behind on snow.  Tree skiing is hazardous and there are still little trees and shrubs popping up on the groomed runs.   Please send more, but thanks for what we got!

By the way, as long as the light is good, iPhones take a decent picture.
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