Thursday, January 19, 2012

Iowa Caucus? Carcus?

I think we should do one of two things: either take away Iowa's niche of voting first in the primaries, or buy them a PC, even just an old beater laptop.  How does it take you over 2 weeks to count votes and realize you announced the wrong winner? 

There were only about 110,000 votes cast.  I believe a small group of people could have counted them by hand and still finished long before now.  Some math:
  • If you had 10 people, each counting a vote every five seconds, that's 7200 votes per hour.  
  • Those 10 people, working eight hours a day, could knock out 57,600 votes per day
  • That means two days, for 10 people to count every vote by hand. 
  • Let's throw in another two days to double check, so we don't do anything stupid, like announcing the wrong winner.
Congrats to Rick Santorum,  I guess.  Not sure how much pride you can have for winning a state where they can't count.
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