Friday, July 13, 2012

David Bird meets Goliath Bird

I went back to visit my Swainson's Hawk to see if the nestling was big enough to fly.  He wasn't yet. While I was watching the nest, this Western Kingbird was watching me.  I think he might have been questioning my choice of lenses.
Then another one came by.  I am not sure whether they were a couple, friends or competitors.
When they were out hunting for bugs, they hovered and bobbed, poking at whatever was flying by.  Their hunting flight is very interesting to watch.
I looked over my shoulder and saw one of the two hawks flying by, giving me a few loud squawks.  I was actually a long ways from their nest, but it might have remembered me from the other day.
Yep.  He remembered.  And I remembered to duck.
Suddenly, the Kingbirds decided I needed a little bit of protection. For little bug eaters, these guys were absolutely fearless.
Clearly all the birds are being very protective of their little ones right now.  I try to stay a long ways off and use a big lens, but clearly that isn't quite enough.

I will try another visit in a week or so to try and get a glimpse of the baby hawk venturing out.
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