Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Hunting for elk and bear

I went out with my friend Chad Rexroad to try and photograph some elk and/or a bear that were seen out beyond the Strawberry Reservoir.
After a few hours of hiking and searching, our total was:
  • 8 cows, none of which wanted to get out of the truck's path
  • 4 deer, all too fast or far away for photos
  • Quite a few elk footprints, but no elk
  • No sign of bear
Since we weren't having luck with the mammals, we stopped at the reservoir.  There were quite a few Western Grebes swimming around.  Their call is quite loud for such a reasonably sized bird.
I shouldn't be surprised to find them, but I'm sorry, pelicans do not belong in Utah.  They belong at the beach.  I wish I could have seen them feeding.  I may have to go back and try to photograph that, but it is almost an hour away. I might use this as a test photo location for my kayak.
The water was pretty smooth, so the reflections were better than I would expect for almost 11:00.
The White Pelicans are prettiest when they are flying.  They look prehistoric and the white and black contrast is gorgeous.
Our next elk hunt probably won't occur until September or so when the rutting season starts and I think to find a bear, I am just going to have to get very lucky.

Thanks tour guide Chad!
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