Thursday, July 19, 2012

Jasper the Kayaker

I bought an inflatable kayak a few weeks ago, but today was my first trip, and who better to help paddle than Jasper?  When we had a boat in Beaufort, I bought our dog Buster a life jacket so he could go with us. He was too old to start being a boater, so it has sat around unused.  It fits Jasper though, so he was styling a nice red floaty coat.
It took me about 20 minutes to inflate the boat and get everything tied down.  I can do it faster, but I was trying to develop some good processes and habits.  Any time I was working on the boat, Jasper would help by swimming out into the water and waiting for me to throw him something.
 I finally gave up and found him something to fetch. 
Jasper did remarkably well.  He wasn't completely comfortable but was very well behaved.  I could get him to sit still...
and I could get him to lay down, but I just couldn't get him to turn around and face forward.  He would for a few minutes, but he would decide he would like to keep an eye on me as well.  No spills, but I chose to take these photos with a little pocket camera that was replaced years ago.
Today's lessons:
  • The wind on open water is not your friend in an inflatable boat.
  • I need to think about taking Jasper out to the Great Salt Lake.  He smelled bad enough diving home from a near by, clean reservoir.  GSL is further away and nasty smelling.
  • I should add a floating fetch toy to my kayak bag
  • I need an entirely different system for carrying spare stuff and my dry bag.  Today the kayak looked like a street person's shopping cart.
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