Friday, July 13, 2012

Our new recycling program

I've mentioned on my blog how happy I am that we now have curbside recycling throughout the county.  The new strategy is a small trash can, picked up once a week and a big recycling can picked up every other week. This was our first week to get both.  Most people seemed to get the idea, although I am sure that it will take a while for thorough recycling to become a habit for some people.

In our neighborhood, everyone did a great job...
except the Morris's, who were the only ones with an overflowing trash can.  Funny enough, they were also the only ones with no recycling at all.  Go figure.
I have heard several people complain about not being able to get by with such a small (65 gallon) trash can, but I think that is almost the definition of our landfill problems. Over consumption. Over packaging. Limited or no recycling and reuse.

I'm hoping more and more people get on board.  The county has done a great job of making it easy for everyone.
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