Thursday, July 05, 2012

Our local wildfire

The Quail Fire is only 10% contained, but we are having our first rain in over a month.  It's just a drizzle, but that means that the humidity is much higher and the temperatures are cooler.  Hoping this helps the firemen.
They are planning on doing a 100 acre prescribed burn in Willow Canyon to try and stop the fires progress. We will have to trust that it is a good idea.

The best news is that we didn't hear any fireworks last night.  We were certain that some idiots would be out shooting them off no matter how dangerous it was.

UPDATE:  It is now 3:15 in the afternoon and we have had about 5 hours of steady rain.  Nothing hard, but the perfect rain for soaking into the ground, watering plants, and helping to stymy wildfires.  Wonderful!!  They have ended all the evacuations.
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