Tuesday, August 13, 2013

The end of a boring fire season

When we had low snowfall totals this winter and a warm spring, it looked like we would have another bad year for wildfires.  Fortunately we had a good bit of rain in July and August has had some hit and miss storms.  The party ends today.
About five miles away a fire is burning.  It has taken a few houses already and is butting up against the very large Promontory neighborhood.  They have had about ten aircraft involved with fighting the fire ranging from little helicopters to a monstrous DC10.  One saving grace is that the fire started very close to the Rockport Reservoir.  The helicopters can leave the fire, fill their bucket and be back to the fire in a couple of minutes.

As of 7:00pm, the troops seem to be getting everything under control, but as the sun sets and the temperatures drop, the winds normally pick up.

Life in a high altitude desert....
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