Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Yesterday's Visitor

We haven't seen many moose this summer.  I think our normal mom and calves got into trouble hanging out on busy roads so they tranquilized them and hauled them off into the remote mountains.  Yesterday we got a visit from this big boy.  Thanks to our neighbor Sally for letting us know he was hanging around in our back yard. She said that at first glance, she thought we had bought a statue.
Why is he here?  For the fine dining of course.  This time of year, life is one big happy salad bar.  He was kind enough to be stripping the leaves off the branches without breaking them, so I don't mind.
At one point Julie and I were up on the deck.  He seemed to be asking whether he could come up and join us.  Perhaps he was just wondering if we had anything nice to add to his leaf salad.  He really is close enough that I could almost touch him.
Tell me he isn't laughing.  Sure looks like he is making fun of me for having fertilized most of my bushes earlier in the day.  I hope he got a little fertilizer on his tongue!

We were heading over to a friends for dinner and watched as the moose appeared to leave. After we left, he came right back into the yard and took a nap.  They can do some damage to your plants but they really are fun to see.
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