Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Updates on my goals

My half marathon with no training was an overwhelming success.  I crushed my time goals and as you can see below, I was still happy and smiling at mile 8 or so.
My other projects aren't progressing as well:

  • The house hasn't sold yet and the number of shoppers has dropped off significantly as the fall season arrives.  We expected this because town really empties of tourists from September through Thanksgiving. Winter is the big house selling season here in Park City.
  • My diet has apparently gone on hold.  I haven't put weight back on, but with all our socializing, eating and drinking, my body has decided it likes my weight where it is.  I'll crank back up on this next week.
  • My rowing has improved, but I appear to have invented a new form of biathlon, part sculling and part swimming.  I must be one of the least coordinated yet most enthusiastic rowers to hit the water in a long time.  Today the winds picked up and the waves got a lot bigger. "Tippy the racing single" and I were struggling, but doing ok.  At the end of the workout, 100 feet from the dock, a more energetic wave caught me just as the oars were going into the water.  At least I am extremely proficient at getting back onto the boat, which is no simple trick.
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