Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Tour of Utah

I got behind on my blogging.  This past Sunday we went into town to watch Stage 6 of the Tour of Utah.  This race has become pretty popular and it draws quite a few teams and riders from the Tour de France.

Sunday was the final stage and two riders, Chris Horner and Tom Danielson, were tied in time for first. The stage started and ended in Park City.  It was a shorter day at 78 miles, but included over 7,000 feet of climbing with one Cat 1 climb and one HC climb.
My only disappointment was that they always let the riders go a few miles as a group before really starting the race.  The two big loops they made through town were all part of this warm up so there wasn't anything exciting happening.
There was quite a crowd out for the event.  I heard estimates of 10-15,000 which is a lot to pack into a few blocks.

In the end Tom Danielson had a great ride, almost winning the day and definitely winning the Tour.
This is one of the team chase vehicles.  Throwing those bikes on top is one of the quickest ways to turn a little wagon into a $100k car.  Even though I don't need a collection of racing bikes, or even just one, I was a bit tempted to hop in a drive off.
There is a lot of Tour coverage and photos here.  I would have to guess that this race is only behind the stage rides in Colorado and California now.
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