Monday, August 12, 2013

Update of stuff

Had two house showings on Thursday and another scheduled for this afternoon.  So far no one has written us a check. If you want to jump in, you can see the house here.

My diet faltered this past week and looks to struggle again this week.  Too many nights out and too much alcohol. Damn friends!

Rowing is definitely improving.  I am rowing every time in the twitchy little single racing shell.  I am finally starting to look more like I belong in the boat.   A few more weeks and I will actually be cranking along.

On the way to the reservoir this morning (6:40 am), this was the view.  The sun was trying to come up but was fighting with the clouds, some of which were dropping rain.  Probably could have gotten a better photo if I hadn't been shooting through the windshield at 60 mph.
Once I got to the Jordanelle and walked the dog around a bit, the weather started shaping up.  I like the reflections.
Every day I have to throw the boat on my head (literally) and walk to the water.  The water levels keep going down, so the boat ramp gets longer and longer.  For perspective, that little black dot at the end of the ramp is my 60 pound dog Jasper. The worst part is bringing the boat back up the hill at the end of a row.  I am beginning to believe that the boat ramp is part of some infinite M.C. Escher drawing.
I still have one more row this week, but my attention is focused on my total lack of preparation for Saturday's half marathon.
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