Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Clown Day at Park City

April 1st is "Clown Day" over at Park City Mountain Resort. I am sorry to have missed this event decades ago. It apparently involved dressing like clowns, skiing and having a monstrous party on the mountain. Kegs, liquor, and advanced pharma all played a part. While I can't confirm this as fact, I have been told that PCMR went so far to to print on the back of your lift ticket that "you are not allowed to dress as clowns".

Things have relaxed a good bit since then. People are dressing as clowns for skiing again, but things are much more restrained. I had to work today as a mountain host, but I was proud of our Wednesday team. Since the resort is 100% specific about how we dress, our only flexibility was wigs.

Dick met up with his wife, who works at the information desk. Dick chose to go with a lovely Victorian style.

Derrick is one of out two snowboarders. The rasta look was perfect.

Our team heading up early to put up all the signs. The two hot chicks on the left are guys, then Cindy, then two very patient team leaders.

... and of course, I had to strut my stuff. I started with this lovely blond wig but ended up wearing a Harpo Marx style gray afro.

I wish I had been able to take pictures of the numerous clowns, pirates, beer cans, ballet dancers and such, all of whom seemed to be having time out in the sunshine and fresh powder. (That is "whom", right?)
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