Monday, April 06, 2009

End of the season

A mishmash of things at the end of the ski season....

As we prepare to head back to Raleigh, we wanted to get together with a bunch of friends. We had everyone over for the final four basketball games. Loris Benson brought a wonderful salad. We decided it was worth a photo, but she refused to pose with her creation. Bruce, with no hesitation, decided the salad was pretty enough for him to pose with.

Now we head into a Michigan State versus UNC game tonight. Should be a good one.

On our very last day of skiing, we hooked up with Bill and Loris Benson and my mountain host locker mate Russ. Russ was selected as the "host of the year" so I am hoping some amount of that rubs off. Bill was working so he is wearing his ugly orange host outfit.

And finally we returned home to hang the skis up for the summer. After all the injuries going on around us, we were very happy to have stayed healthy.

Yes, it does look like we have more than two skiers in the house. In Park City you build what is known as a "quiver of skis", a ski for every occasion. I guess it would be unreasonable to have a pair for every type of snow the Eskimos bothered to name. Here we have seven pairs of skis, three pairs of snow shoes, and a box of dog toys on the floor.

Winter is over. It's time to move on.

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