Saturday, April 18, 2009

Red and White game

The NC State spring football game was held today. I went with Tony Hudson and his son Jackson. It was either a fairly slow game or a good defensive showing. It was nice to see a few guys make some star plays but it is hard to judge the team based on such a controlled game.

The spring game was played in the honor of Kay Yow, NCSU's long time coach of women's basketball. She recently lost her battle with breast cancer. You can see the pink breast cancer ribbon on the field. The crowd was asked to make donations to the Breast Cancer fund on the way into the game. We had a great turnout and they raised over $28,000.

At the end of the game, the players stayed around to talk to people and pose for pictures. Lots and lots took advantage of the opportunity.

I like what coach Tom O'Brian is doing with this team. They show some promise. My biggest hope is that we can avoid so injuries to so many key players this year.
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