Tuesday, April 21, 2009

The pains of owning multiple homes

It has been nice getting to live where the weather is best. We spent the last five springs and falls in Raleigh and the summers and winters in Park City. We love coming back to Raleigh to see friends and family, enjoy golf, NCSU football, and blooming flowers. However, there are lots of downsides:
  • You have to do all the repairs at both ends. Neither house seems to feel obligated to take care of itself while you are gone.
  • Traveling with pets is awkward and very expensive. We are very limited flying Jasper because it can't be too hot or too cold at either end. Flying them costs more than our airline tickets.
  • They canceled our direct flight from Salt Lake to Raleigh.
  • Every time we leave a house for a few months, we have to go through a long cycle of clearing out the pantry, fridge and freezer. This means that we are always coming back to an empty house.
  • You never can remember what you have where.

So, it is time to try and sell our house in Raleigh. Click the picture of the house to go see the sales info on realtor.com.

Anyone want to buy a house?

We will miss living in Raleigh, but after 25+ years, it is time for us to wander on and have a full time house somewhere else. Without the house, we will be able to get back to Raleigh more often, without pets, and without a house to work on. Sounds like vacation!

Now maybe I can work at being the mayor of Park City. :-)
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