Friday, April 24, 2009

The damn dam is now damned

I went over to my dad and Colleen's place today to help destroy a dam that Mother Nature built. Drop a tree across a creek and after a while, lots of wood piles up behind it. In the lowlands around their house, even a small dam can cause flooding. This one wasn't that high but had built up about five feet thick.

We attacked the dam with a chain saw, one of man's greatest inventions. It was a bit awkward trying to run the chain saw, standing on top of wet logs and piles of debris, hoping not to step down into several feet of water.

The idea was to break up most of the support of the dam so that when the next big rain comes, it floats the lumber and the dam travels down the stream in small chunks. We shall see. Colleen promised to send me a picture.
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