Friday, April 03, 2009

Spring skiing in Park City

A few weeks ago, the temperatures here in Park City were in the 60s, even up in the mountains. The snow was slushy and melting fast. Everyone was convinced that the ski season would die a quick death. Then winter came back with a vengeance and it has been snowing fairly regularly ever since.

Last night we got yet another foot. Julie and I got over to Deer Valley not long after first chair.

It wasn't Utah's fluffy dry powder, but it sure wasn't spring snow either.

Notice the huge crowds as you look down a beautiful snow field. There was hardly anyone skiing!

Bruce Kahn joined us for some romps down the mountain.

I think this says it best. Bruce was recovering from heavy duty physical therapy to heal his calf. Julie had done a lot of lunges and other thigh exercises yesterday. I skied Tuesday and then did eight hours of mountain hosting on both Wednesday and Thursday. We were all dragging after a few runs.

For an ideal ski trip, people tend to like to see fresh snow every few days. Here are the snowfall reports from Alta for the past two weeks:
  • March 22nd - 9"
  • March 23rd - 18"
  • March 24th - 9"
  • March 25th - 19"
  • March 26th - 11"
  • March 27th - none
  • March 28th - none
  • March 29th - 21"
  • March 30th - 10"
  • March 31st - 6"
  • April 1st - 14"
  • April 2nd - 1"
  • April 3rd - 13"
That's roughly 11 feet of snow in two weeks. Even the locals are shaking their heads in disbelief.
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