Wednesday, April 29, 2009

The X-Files come to Duxford

WARNING: ugly, sad pictures in this post.

Fox Mulder will probably be stopping by any time now. I went down to get the newspaper this morning and saw a lump on the driveway. After chasing Jasper away from it, I saw it was a dead Blue Jay. You couldn't tell what killed it, but it definitely hadn't been eaten. We have hawks, owls, fox...

Then things got weird. I looked about 30 feet away and saw this.

and 10 feet from that one was the third and final bird.

I can't tell what happened to them. It is just too weird for three birds to be dead in such a small area, in one night, and yet it doesn't look like it was a predator. I checked for signs of alien space ships, but found none. I looked for secret defense weapons, but none there either.

Just weird.
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