Sunday, June 14, 2009

Air Mouse

I have been a big fan of my iPhone and all the cool applications that are being developed for it. Today I found one that is the most amazing integration between a phone and a PC I have seen. For many of you, this application won't be terribly useful, but even then, it is impressive.

I have a PC set up as a Home Theater computer. It is down in the wiring closet, out of the way. You can watch it on all the TVs, but the control through a standard remote is very basic.

I read about Air Mouse Mobile. It allows my iPhone to become a dynamic remote, mouse, and keyboard. If you are interested, go to the link above and click on the demo tab. It is a video that runs you through all the features and functions.
  • Slick graphics
  • Very powerful
  • Setup took about 1 minute
  • Costs $1.99
Gadgets are getting better!!
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