Saturday, June 13, 2009

When a town of 8,000 acts like a town of 800

Park City is celebrating its 125th birthday today. Should be a great event. Bands. A parade. A big party. Julie, Jasper and I went down to Main Street and immediately ran into our builder, Rob Schumacher and his dog Elvis.

We went up the the area where the parade was queuing up. This is it. The whole thing.

Even if the parade didn't show, there were quite a few spectators. I would guestimate 500-1000.

Some people were all dressed up, dancing and singing.

Others were marching to advertise the famous "Mucking and Drilling Contest". This is mining technology for those who aren't up on such things.

Historic preservation is big with the opening of our new museum.

Mostly we felt the parade was so small and pitiful that we had to add mass. Julie, Rob, Jasper, Elvis and I just got in line and marched down Main St with everyone else. Jasper had a great time. Dozens of the spectators wanted to pet him. Nice to have a dog that doesn't intimidate anyone.

This celebration was pretty pitiful, but just the same, any excuse to have a party down on Main St is a great idea. Park City does know how to do a parade and party, but you have to wait until July 4th.
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