Monday, June 08, 2009

Heading back to Park City

As summer starts to roll in, it is time for us to head back to Park City. If all goes as planned, this will be the last trip to Raleigh for the pets. The cat and dog would each have about 40,000 frequent flier miles if the airline would give them to animals. Enough is enough though. Time for them to stay in Park City. Cosette will definitely miss breakfast on the screen porch. She grabs a chair every morning.

Jasper will miss his big fenced-in back yard. The treasured red ball he loves so much is definitely heading to PC with us.

Our house is still for sale. We have had some nice visits from people with good feedback, but so many people looking "just need to sell their home first". That doesn't seem too likely. At least we aren't in a hurry.

I took this picture a few days ago. I thought it was cool how you can see the rays of sunlight. It gives the fountain an ethereal look. Then I realized that you aren't supposed to be able to see rays of light. The only way that works is if you have so much humidity that the moisture is reflecting the light. Yuck!

Flowers, flowers every where! Some coneflowers.

Some astilbe (which spell check thinks should be Bastille)

...and our treasured roses. Julie's dad gave us these roses on a visit to Raleigh.

If you haven't seen them, these are the two guardians of the house. They are the first thing you see as you walk up to the front door.

Too bad there is no obvious place for them at our Park City house. Poor planning on my part.

I wonder if someone buying our house will leave them in place or rip them off the first day they move in.

Off to the Post Office to mail ourselves some stuff.
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