Thursday, June 25, 2009

Gorgeous, but painful

Today I played a round of golf at one of the two Promontory Club courses. The course was designed by Jack Nicklaus and he must have been a bit angry that day. The course is rated as the hardest in Utah and it certainly played that way.

The picture makes the course look pretty and well maintained. I have to say that it barely does the course justice. It is simply spectacular and every fairway looks like a perfect carpet. Too bad I tend to play lots of balls up in the scrub on the surrounding canyon walls. If you are beyond the rough, you can simply kiss your ball goodbye.

Promontory is a neighborhood that went under bankruptcy but is now back out. It has two gorgeous courses and very few members to play on them. We played from 8 to 12 on a 70 degree, sunny morning. We accounted for 3 of the 6 people on the course. It is hard to imagine how you can keep doing business with a course the requires so many workers to keep it in shape.

Just to be clear, I normally can't afford to golf at a course like this. Last week they plugged and sanded the greens, so they were only charging half price.

Now, off to Oregon to visit Julie's sister!
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