Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Golf done correctly

As I have mentioned on numerous occasions in my blog, I suck at golf. That doesn't mean I only have to associate with other crappy golfers.

We have traveled to France four times for skiing vacations. On the last three trips, a guy named Paul Simson was part of the group. Here he is back in 2007. He's a good skier, but an unbelievable golfer.

He lives here in Raleigh so I see bits and pieces about his performance in the local paper. I ran across one lately saying that he had, once again, won the North Carolina Senior Amateur. First, think about how big golf is in NC. There are courses everywhere. People retire here with the idea of playing lots of golf. Paul won this year's event by 12 strokes! No one even came close.

This all fits with Paul's two wins in the British Senior Amateur in the last three years.

It clearly doesn't make sense for me to golf with Paul. At least I can ski with him and hope to gain golfing skills through osmosis.
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