Thursday, August 20, 2009

Bob Roll from Versus' Tour de France coverage

Julie and I wandered up to The Canyons ski resort this evening to hear a chat with Bob Roll. If you don't watch the Tour de France on TV, there is almost zero chance of you having ever heard of this ex-bike racer, now TV commentator.

Bob is very entertaining to listen to. He is obviously a story teller at heart and he certainly seems to have seen and done a lot. Some Tour listeners grew tired of him talking about the Tour DEEE France over and over again. This evening he made it clear that he has no love for the French and enjoys going out of his way to butcher the language. Actually, he seemed like he could do fairly well in either French or Italian.

It was a fun way to hear more about cycling from a guy who had been a professional during the rise of Americans in the sport (Greg Lemond, Andy Hampsten,... ) and has now covered several tours for OLN, which became Versus. If you get to see him somewhere and you enjoy cycling, it is definitely worth the time.

And like so much entertainment here in Park City, it was free. Yeah free!
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