Saturday, August 22, 2009

A quick view of the Tour of Utah

There is a six day bicycle stage race here in Utah. If you watch cycling, you might recognize Dave Zabriski who is competing. Levi Leipheimer was going to but still hasn't recovered from the injury that knocked him out of the Tour de France. Today they started the stage from Main St here in Park City.

No, they don't get to use motors, but only an hour after getting home from my half marathon, there was no way I was scampering down the hill by foot, so I hopped on the scooter. I liked the idea of parking my scooter next to this Harley.

The start of every bike race just seems like a coordinated mob.

They did two and a half laps around Main St before heading out for a long ride over to the Snowbird ski resort. These were just warm-up laps and there was no real racing going on.

Even without racing, you can see the thigh muscles on these guys as the amble up the street. Damn! Those would sure help my skiing.

They turn down Deer Valley Drive, heading out of town so the real racing can begin. I think the cones were to keep them out of traffic, but we have so much construction going on, you just can't tell.

Here are some more artsy shots I got. Unfortunately, my camera wasn't clean, I didn't know where the riders were going, and I didn't get to look at anything I shot until they were done. Doesn't make for great pictures. I wish they did another five laps so I could improve my technique. I think my second round would be much better as I see what worked and what didn't.

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