Saturday, August 15, 2009

Odds and ends for the week

Played my first round of golf at Mountain Dell. It's the public course you see when you drive up I-80 from Salt Lake City. Actually, there are two very nice public courses there. I can't explain why it took me 5 years to play there.

When we got down around the lake, there was a gorgeous reflection. The lake was absolutely still and it looked like a mirror. This is pretty unusual in the mountains. There is almost always some breeze and it only takes a few mph to ruin the mirror.

This is Rob Schumacher. He built our house and consistently beats me in golf by about 10 strokes.

And this is Doug Drexler. He is a Park City Mountain Host and worked the same day I did. He chooses not to keep score, but just to remember his best golf shots. Very much Zen golf.

You can spend all you want on pet toys, beds, and such but they often seem to choose the free versions. Cosette is napping in a piece of packing paper. Her latest toy favorite is a four foot piece of string. Perhaps as consumers we overspend.

We are probably a bit too much like parents when we call our dog Jasper "best dog". Just the same, he really is about as good as we could ask. I had him chasing a frisbee in the park when a young boy came over and asked to throw it. Jasper played fetch with him for a while, even though the boy could only throw it 10 or 20 feet. He made heroic diving catches which made the boy feel he was great at throwing. Then his little sister came up to play. Jasper was just as gentle as could be. He even fetched the frisbee when she threw it (dropped it at her feet).

Best dog.

And of course we just keep going to hear the free music. You just can't beat a nice picnic with free tunes and 4000 of your neighbors. From left to right, Julie, Renee and Loris.

and the guys.... Bill and Stan.

It's been a nice week, but right now it is in the low 40s and raining. We're supposed to go see Elvis Costello at an outdoor concert this evening. Could be a mess. It will definitely be damp and very cold.
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