Sunday, August 30, 2009

Golf terms from my perspective

There are a number of golf terms in golf that if someone didn't tell you the definition, it would be almost impossible to guess. How would you know a slice goes right or a hook goes left? A hook is too much left, but a draw is good left, not too much and not too little. Chips? Pitches? The only one that makes sense from my perspective is handicap.

This is how they adjust players score so everyone can compete, no matter what their level. You could have watched me play in this weekend's tournament and without understanding much about golf, guessed "damn Steve, you sure play like you're highly handicapped." "Steve, you sure seem to have quite the handicap when it comes to golf."

Golf hates me.

The only other term in golf that comes close, is one letter off. For golfers like me, they could change the term shot to shit. "It took me three shits to get to the green." "Steve, that was a big shit you made from the 14th tee!" Not exactly pleasant, but considerably more descriptive.

Hard to imagine I had my best round ever about three weeks ago.
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