Saturday, August 22, 2009

Park City Half Marathon

Some good news and bad news on this morning's run. Compared to the half I did six weeks ago, this one was harder and 2500 feet higher in altitude. Just the same, I did it about 5 minutes faster, or about 20 seconds per mile. I came in 39th out of 700 runners. Given all the athletes around here, I'm happy with that. But that's all the good stuff.

The bad news is that my 7:52 pace, while faster than the 8:00's I need to qualify for Boston, doesn't project well enough. As an approximation, I should run a half marathon at a 7:30 pace to be able to do a full at 8:00's. Not looking good for the home team. Still, monstrous improvement since my first three mile jog back in April.

Steve's happy little breakdown:

Mile 1 - 7:45, flat but crowded. Get out of my way.
Mile 2 - 8:05, starting uphill
Mile 3 - 7:43, more uphill, but got free of the crowd
Mile 4- 8:06, gradual uphill
Mile 5 - 8:18, tilting uphill more and I'm slowing down
Mile 6 - 8:21, damn I hate running uphill
Mile 7 - 8:20, still uphill, at the turnaround, all downhill from here
Mile 8 - 7:27, weeeee! This is easier
Mile 9 - 7:41, damn the girl I'm following runs fast (got 2nd in 25-29 age group)
Mile 10 - 7:32, starting to flatten back out
Mile 11 - 7:31, slight downhill, I'm getting tired
Mile 12 - 7:58, I don't remember that uphill being a downhill the other direction
Mile 13 - 7:18, some guy passed me and it pissed me off. Nice ot have some kick left.
Last bit - :46, I can smell the barn

My total was 1:42:57.

My thanks to all those people who I followed to keep a good pace. Without them I might still be running. I am sure I made them feel like Julie and I do when we have Jasper on single-track trails. He follows you, but it always feels like if you stop, he'll run right up your butt.

Six weeks until the St George marathon!
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