Monday, August 17, 2009

Llama's can be overwhelming

Whenever I head over to Home Depot and have the dog in the car, we take the slower frontage road instead of highway 40. We do this in hopes of finding either llamas or mini-donkeys out in the big field. Today we hit the jackpot. The llamas were there and about 100 feet from the road.

As soon as I let Jasper out of the truck, he ran over to the barbwire fence. Instead of being scared, the llamas came briskly over to meet him. Now Jasper starts getting weirded out.

One by one they would reach over the fence or through it, trying to figure out what this little black dog was all about. Jasper wasn't thrilled about going nose to nose with them. They were big, bold and numerous.

After the meet and greet was over, we headed on to Home Depot for bird seed and fertilizer.

Looks like we'll keep taking the frontage road. Can't miss all the excitement.
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