Sunday, February 19, 2012

The art of forecasting snow

On the 6:00 news last night, they were forecasting the arrival of a big storm. Overnight we should see 6-12" of snow, with something similar during the day Sunday.  You might guess that when the storm is only six hours away, they would be able to predict the results with some accuracy.

Here is the snow in our driveway as of 9:00am.  As always, I use my 60 pound dog Jasper for size reference. However, to show a more detailed view,  I have chosen to use Jasper's right front paw.

Good job weather dudes and dudettes!  At some point they should give up and only forecast the weather that has already occurred.

AN UPDATE:  It's now 4:00pm.  The snow you see above had melted in the blinding sunshine and beautiful blue skies. We've maxed out at 1/8th of an inch of snow.  Even now, you can still get a laugh from the National Weather Service web site. They don't give up.

Late Afternoon: Snow. High near 16. Wind chill values as low as -2. West northwest wind around 16 mph. Chance of precipitation is 100%. Total daytime snow accumulation of 7 to 11 inches possible. 
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